achieving excellent mom style in 5 easy steps

I once read that motherhood is a process of slowly letting go. You transition from those infant days where your baby is totally dependent you and you control every aspect of their environment, to toddlerhood where they gain a measure of independence and start making some choices on their own, on to childhood, and teenager-hood (is that even a word??) and eventually adulthood.  Basically as a mom I think the goal is just prepare them to fly the from nest the best you can and hope they make it into adulthood healthily and happily.


I am currently in the bittersweet stage where my own little baby transitions from babyhood to toddlerhood (she just turned two). I really truly loved every second of Prairie’s babyhood, but one thing I am enjoying about toddlerhood is that I am starting to care more about myself again. For me, this mental leap started about when she turned one. Honestly, for the first year of her life I was just wrapped in lack of sleep, hormones, & love and I didn’t give much thought to anything else. (Clearly, everybody is different so I am only speaking to my own experience here.) Anyhow, when I eventually came down off of that newborn emotional roller coaster I was ready to start caring about myself again, and part of that was caring about my style. (Of course, caring for yourself and your interests outside of motherhood extends way beyond your style choices, but in this post that is the aspect I am focusing on).

So without further ado, here is my guide to reclaiming your fashion sense as a new (or newish or old or whatever) mom. Presented in handy list form with a little help from some of my lovely Instagram community:

  1. I feel a lot better about leaving the house if I have showered and put on a little makeup (still dealing with some major hormonal acne here, sigh.) As a stay at home mom it is super duper tough to force myself to get out of bed and get ready in the morning, but on those (rare) days when I manage it, it def improves my mood, so I recommend all y’all give it a shot if you aren’t already doing so.
  2. Comfy shoes! I’ve never been that great at wearing heels, but as a mom who is always wrangling her child, they are especially impractical. That being said, I am not quite ready to throw in the towel and just go full on comfort footwear mode. My go new go to’s are cute sandals or slides in the summer, and cute clogs and booties in the fall/winter. In this post I am wearing the Report Drew Ankle Boot in Taupe from Famous Footwear … aka my “chase around my toddler tornado comfortably, while still attempting to look somewhat cool booties”.
  3. HATS! I always thought hats looked cool on other people, but felt silly wearing them myself. However, since moving to the desert I legit need the sun protection, and I have now fully embraced the gray roots and rats-nest covering glory of a nice wide brim hat (or hipster hat as ig commenter Kimberly lovingly refers to them as.) Bonus points for casting a flattering shadow across my face in pics. IMG_3787
  4. One-pieces make choosing an outfit quick and easy. I prefer jumpsuits like this one I am wearing by Lindsay Robinson. But dresses are also an effortless yet put together option (as suggested by insta commenter Ashlyn). Bonus points if the jumpsuit or dress has buttons for easy breastfeeding access!
  5. If all else fails just do like Melissa suggests and just say F it all and stay home in your pajamas, tomorrow is a new day!

**Thank you to my helpful instagram commenters for helping me compile this list, I am so thankful for your support!

*** And thank you to Famous Footwear for kindly sponsoring this post. FYI: All opinions and words are 100% honest & completely my own.

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One thought on “achieving excellent mom style in 5 easy steps

  1. Your pictures are phenomenal!
    About parenting, in my experience it is a process of experimenting, somethings work with some kids, other do not. One of the most important things is for them to feel loved.


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