making challah bread with Grandma & bObi

I am half Jewish, but never strongly identified with the culture growing up. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s having a daughter of my own, but lately I’ve been feeling the need to get to know my own heritage a little more. so when my mom (children’s book author Gail Karwoski) came out for a visit, it seemed like the perfect time to try making my Aunt Marilyn’s famous “quick & easy”challah bread recipe. and the mess of making of bread in the kitchen was the perfect time to put our new bObsweep bObi pet robotic vacuum, sweeper, & mop combo to the test too!

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Prairie’s phabulous photoshoot at Casa Joshua Tree

I’ve known Lindsay for about a year now, we met on instagram (where else do people even meet these days though?? LOL!), so we often shoot the shit about social media stuff. one joke we have had going for awhile was this idea to get a photo of Prairie on the famous bed at Casa Joshua Tree (which is Lindsay’s super amazing house that she rents out on Airbnb). we figured a combo of Prairie’s cuteness with Lindsay’s gorgeous bed was sure to BREAK DA INTERNETS. so when we over there last week crafting wreaths from foraged desert greenery, we finally took the opportunity to make our dream happen! after all, Prairie isn’t getting any younger, so I gotta get all the baby pics in while I can!

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how a turquoise velvet couch made my Grinch heart grow 3 sizes

I’m not really very traditional when it comes to the holidays (or when it comes to most things come to think of it). I don’t care much about holiday decor or holiday music or any of it, man I sound like such a Grinch, huh?! butttt when Prairie came along a little switch flipped inside me, and I started caring just a touch more about domestic things.

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Plastic Sippy Cup Alternatives

if you are reading my blog, you probably are already in agreement with me that plastic sucks. even BPA-free plastic is still full of harmful chemicals, plastic pretty much never biodegrades so it clogs our oceans and landfills, and plastic recycling isn’t really that great either. however, not much beats plastic in terms of being light-weight and unbreakable. so when it came time for my daughter Prairie to start using a cup, I had a really hard time finding a good one. I figured I would share a few reviews in case you too are struggling, and if you have any suggestions– please please let me know in the comments!

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