A little guide to ethical gifts for littles

This year I’ve partnered with our friends at Wild Dill to show you guys a few of my favorite gift ideas for the littles on your list.

  1. Winter Water Factory x Amelie Mancini Cactus Print Dress  We are huge Winter Water Factory fans around here. This line features the cutest prints handprinted on cozy organic cotton fabric, manufactured in the USA. Their newest collab with one of my fav artists Amelie Mancini, has to be my favorite print yet! The cactus pajamas are next on my wishlist!
  2. Oli and Carol Broccoli This is another brand that I am a long time fan of. I love that Oli and Carol  products are made of natural Hevea rubber, when Prairie was a baby I felt comfortable with her teething on them. Another genius thing about this line is that they have no holes, so littles can bring them in the bath without water (and mildew and mold) getting trapped inside. I also love that these toys that can grow with the child- now that she’s a toddler, Prairie loves to “feed” the rubber foods to her baby dolls.
  3. BebeMoss Rabbit  The BebeMoss line is new to me, I discovered it on Wild Dill’s website and immediately was drawn to the classic aesthetic. When I found out each doll is knitted by Syrian refugees in Istanbul, well then my heart was completely captured. What a lovely way to give a keepsake gift to a child while supporting a truly worthy cause!


One thought on “A little guide to ethical gifts for littles

  1. This could make a nice addition to your guide to ethical gifts for little ones, The Big PickSure Book: A Tale of Conscious Consumption for Kids at ouichoose.com.
    Love your Instagram feed!


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