Cool New Product Alert: Closca Bottle + App

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Between living in the desert and breast feeding, I pretty much feel like I can never stay on top of drinking enough water. And that bothers me, because I am a huge believer in the restorative powers of hydration. I was recently thinking of ways to increase my water intake, and wishing there was some easy way to drink water on the go without having to fish my water bottle out of my bag. I thought of getting some sort of camel back, but I don’t like to drink out of plastic- especially here in Joshua Tree, where temps get so hot it can cause all kinds of stuff to leach into the water. I’d been thinking and thinking about what to do, when the answer serendipitously dropped into my lap (isn’t it funny how it always seems to happen this way?). My friend introduced me to the kickstarter campaign for Closca Bottle + App and it is all my water bottle dreams come true. It is made of borosilicate glass (one of the strongest and toughest glasses available fyi, for clumsy folks like me) with a silicone sleeve that hooks to your backpack (or stroller, or bike, or purse, or whatever) for easy on the go access!  They kindly sent me a bottle to try out. I have been using it about two weeks now, and it’s truly the answer to all my #hydrationproblems. So I am super excited to be partnering with Closca to help spread the word.

The packaging is so sleek and well designed, huh? They really thought of everything, even designing an accompanying app called the Closca Water App that allows you to locate places to refill your bottle – for free.

Okay here’s a little montage of how the bottle works. Clip it to your backpack and go do your thing. I suggest that you moodily stare into the distance while wearing a Canadian tuxedo, but you do you. When you get thirsty- unsnap and sip! Easy peasy!


I am sure you guys were all wondering how Prairie likes the new bottle, and the answer  is a whole lot (though she still has a way to go before she can use it without a little assistance). LOL! But the real question I know all you other mamas are wondering: Is it dishwasher safe? Yes it is.

There have been so many studies that show bottled water is pretty much just a marketing scheme, its generally no cleaner then tap. And our oceans are filling up with plastic which takes 400 or more years to break down. By now we all know that we should be cutting down on our use of plastics, for our health and the health of planet. With the Closca water bottle and app, it’s easier then ever to ditch single-use bottles once and for all. Go check them out on kickstarter for more info!



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