working from home in the middle of the Mojave

Man, 2017- what a time to be alive. I am honestly not the most tech savvy person. That being said, Andy & I would not have been able to make the move to Joshua Tree if it wasn’t for the internet allowing him (and now me too) to work from home.

As convenient as it is to work from home, it can be a little frustrating because our internet runs much much slower and spottier out here then what we were accustomed to back in San Diego. So when eero offered to send us their Home Wifi System to test out I was like heck yes.. well okay tbh  I was like, “what is that thing I do not understand” (remember not tech savvy), but then I showed it to Andy and he was like, “YES! We need to try this!” And I was “well, it is small and white and not a mess of tangled cables- so sure let’s give it a shot.”

Photo Jul 27, 10 16 29 PM

We’ve been using the eero system for about a month now. In nutshell, it’s great as I can now surf instagram, ahem work, from the comfort of my bedroom and porch. But since Andy handled the installation and just generally understands how these gadgets function more than I do I’m going to let him take over and review it for us …

“It ain’t easy having a modern work-at-home job when your home is a 1950s homesteader cabin out of every big Internet provider’s reach. Naturally, the only viable place our small Internet provider could mount the satellite dish resulted in the connection having to be in the middle of the living room – not an ideal place to sit, think, and type, especially when it doubles as a two-year-old’s rec room. 

I had a wifi extender left over from a previous house. It looked a lot like an old smoke detector that had passed its prime in the Clinton years. It also didn’t quite soak up and transfer all of our bandwidth to my office, and when you’re dealing with a meager 5 mbps down, trust me – every drop counts.

Enter the eero. This gadget and its two friends pull off the incredible task of not only dispersing all of our bandwidth to every corner of the house, but also looking quite elegant. Oh, and the beacons double as night lights, so I’m surfing at full speed and experiencing many fewer stubbed toes in the middle of the night.

Photo Jul 27, 9 53 45 PM

Did I mentions setup of my old wifi extender was horrible? It had a secret code printed on a small and easily misplaced piece of paper, and introducing it to my computer required excruciating registration through a garbage website. eero, on the other hand, simply requires downloading an app that guides you though about seven steps. I kid you not, it was set up and working in the span of about six minutes, and it took exactly one try. Hail the conquering eero.” -Andy

I wanted to jump back in here and also mention that for families with older kids, eero offers some super cool features. You can create profiles for your kid’s devices, and set schedules for when devices can access the WiFi as well as pause the internet, in order help  monitor screen time. And with expanded parental controls and advanced security protection, you can ensure your kids are safe online from inappropriate content or malicious websites.

If you’re interested in trying out the eero system, they are offering free overnight shipping to my readers, just enter code COSMIC upon checkout!

thank you to eero for sponsoring this post!

Photo Jul 29, 3 18 08 PM.jpg

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