how a turquoise velvet couch made my Grinch heart grow 3 sizes

I’m not really very traditional when it comes to the holidays (or when it comes to most things come to think of it). I don’t care much about holiday decor or holiday music or any of it, man I sound like such a Grinch, huh?! butttt when Prairie came along a little switch flipped inside me, and I started caring just a touch more about domestic things.

I want to create for her a magical childhood rich with wacky family memories, just like I had.  I grew up celebrating a Christmas Hanukah hybrid. we’d craft tacky Christmas ornaments that we’d string all over what we dubbed the “trinket tree” and make candles out of crayons to burn in our menorah. most of all, I remember lots of laughter and happy times.

when my daughter looks back on her own childhood, I hope she has lots of fun filled memories of a home filled with love too. which is why I decided to table my Grinch-like ways and set about to make our house into a cozy home. because really, when you get down to it, the holidays are all about spending time with the people you love most.

now for people to enjoy spending time in our home, I figure first and foremost they need to have somewhere cozy to sit, right?! unfortunately, we had a couch that I had chosen primarily for the cheap-o price tag, and the quality was awful. my mom kept commenting on how lumpy and bumpy it was. one time I put my arm on the armrest and it collapsed! I hate hate hate how products are so disposable these days. I remember my parents had the same couch for like a decade or more, and here was my couch trashed in a few short years.

so when  I got the opportunity to work with Jonathan Louis Furniture to design my dream couch I cannot tell you how excited I was! I knew it would be super durable and high quality, because my sister actually has a JL couch that she purchased from Macy’s in San Diego years ago, and I have always been envious of it. Jonathan Louis is a wholesaler, and they’re available at  dealers nationwide, including Macy’s Palm Desert & Mathis Brothers in Indio. I had my couch delivered, I was super nervous second guessing my color choice but  and when it arrived and it was even better then I dreamed of, look how amazing it is!!

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset
Randall Sofa in Star Velvet Turquoise by JL Furniture


yes ya’ll this neutral loving desert lady got a  turquoise velvet sofa. I had such a tough time choosing my fabric, they have a zillion swatch options. what do you think of the one I chose??? I feel like it’s eye catching and also timeless. and seriously is super comfy and high quality too, so I know I will treasure it for years to come.

now on to creating the family memories ….

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here’s Prairie “helping” me decorate
Processed with VSCO with f1 preset
I even crafted a festive desert greenery swag to hang on the wall!
Processed with VSCO with f1 preset
Prairie is sitting in a bear chair that my Grandfather crafted for me many Christmakahs ago!




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