Plastic Sippy Cup Alternatives

if you are reading my blog, you probably are already in agreement with me that plastic sucks. even BPA-free plastic is still full of harmful chemicals, plastic pretty much never biodegrades so it clogs our oceans and landfills, and plastic recycling isn’t really that great either. however, not much beats plastic in terms of being light-weight and unbreakable. so when it came time for my daughter Prairie to start using a cup, I had a really hard time finding a good one. I figured I would share a few reviews in case you too are struggling, and if you have any suggestions– please please let me know in the comments!

The contenders:

1. I would say the most well known alternative to plastic in the bottle/sippy cup game are the glass ones by Lifefactory. as bottles, they’re fine, but as sippys, the lack of handles was a real problem with these and Prairie pretty much won’t use them. also the drinking spout is still plastic, which isn’t as problematic since it’s not in prolonged contact with liquid but still. I give them a thumbs down.



2. next up we went stainless steel, because it’s lightweight and unbreakable. enter the Kid Basix The Safe Sippy. this one has handles and is interchangeable, it can be a straw or sippy cup. still has a plastic spout though. also it’s mildly annoying not being able to see the liquid inside. the real deal breaker for me though is that this cup (or at least mine), leaks. I give them a meh.


3. my lovely J Tree mama friend recommended the Green Sprouts Glass Sip N’ Straw Cup, she said it’s the only non-plastic cup she’s found that doesn’t leak. like the Kid Basix cup, this Green Sprouts cup has both a sippy and straw function. this cup is glass with a plastic covering to keep it from breaking, and the drinking apparatus is silicone which is much much safer then plastic. and, it hasn’t leaked yet! the winner by a long shot!


***PS. when researching which products to choose from an environmental health and safety perspective this site is my go-to place to begin:

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